A Summary of Vehicle Body

Car body is the driver’s workplace, but also a place to accommodate passengers and cargo. Body should facilitate the working conditions of drivers, providing a comfortable ride for the crew conditions, to protect them from a moving vehicle vibration, noise, emissions, and the invasion of the impact of bad weather outside, and cargo intact and to ensure easy loading and unloading . Car bodies, some of the hid xenon and heated seats structural safety measures and equipment will also help reduce traffic accidents and the consequences. Body should ensure that the car has an excellent hid xenon external shape, in the car driving around can effectively guide the airflow to reduce air resistance and fuel consumption. In addition, the body should also help to improve vehicle driving stability and improved engine cooling, and to ensure good ventilation inside the body. Auto body is a fine integrated art, body sculpture should be its clear, elegant trim and interior decoration materials and cover a bright color makes access to the U.S. experience, the people decorated the living environment. Automotive body structure, including: hid xenon, heated seats, body shell, doors, windows, front sheet metal parts, both interior and exterior body parts and body accessories, seats and ventilation, heating, air conditioning, air conditioning, hid xenon, heated seats and so on. In trucks and special vehicles and other equipment including carriages. Body shell is all the body parts of the installed base, usually refers to the longitudinal beams and other load-bearing pillars and their components, and sheet metal parts connected together to form a rigid spatial structure. Bus Body has a clear majority of the skeleton, while the car body and truck cab is no clear framework.

Body shell is usually also included in the laying on of noise, heat, vibration, corrosion, sealing materials and coatings. Doors installed in the body through the hinge on the shell, its structure is more complicated, is to ensure that the performance of important body parts. Sheet and so on. These sheet metal parts to form a system to accommodate the engine, wheels and other parts of the space. Exterior trim mainly refers to decorative articles, decorative wheel covers, logos, embossed text, and so on. Radiator mask, bumper, lights and mirrors and other decorative accessories are also obvious. Hernia several decorations, including lights dashboard, roof, walls, seats and other surface cover accessories, as well as curtains and carpets. In the car on the widely used natural fiber or synthetic fiber textile, leather or multi-layer composite material, the surface covered with skin and other decorative foam Heated seats material; the bus on the extensive use of fiberboard, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, rubber tread plate and composite materials, decorative panels decorative cover. Body accessories include: hid xenon, door locks, hinges, glass lifts, a variety of seals, windscreen wipers, windscreen washer, visor, mirrors, handles, cigarette lighter, ashtray and so on. In the modern automobile is often equipped with a radio close and Player and rod antenna, car bodies, some also equipped with wireless telephones, television or small furnace heating food and small refrigerators and other ancillary equipment. The interior of the ventilation, heating, air conditioning and car air-conditioning is to maintain a normal environment, to ensure driver and passenger safety and comfort important device. The interior seating is also an important device in the world.

Good seats from the frame, seat, backrest and regulatory agencies and so on. Seat and backrest should have a certain flexibility. Seat adjustment mechanism can move up and down and around, or adjust the seat and backrest angle. Heated seats have some flexibility in suspension and shock absorbers, suspension can be adjusted to its flexibility so that drivers are still under the effect of different weight to ensure proper seat height from the floor. In some truck cab and passenger compartment is also set to adapt to long-haul travel needs at night sleeper. To ensure traffic safety, widely used in modern cars to impose constraints on the passenger seat belts, head restraints, airbags and car occupant injured in collision against a variety of buffer and heated seats. According to the different types of cargo, goods carriages can be a general Through the column plate structure, platform structure, the structure dump, closed trunk, hid xenon, tank and transport granular goods (grain, powder, etc.) used in pneumatic blowing unloading tanks or dedicated for highway capacity, railways, waterways, air transport and international transport of a variety of standard containers. Heated seats info referenced in: http://www.firstenheating.com/ Also Hid xenon info eferenced in: http://www.omgcar2010.