Auto Detailing Calgary: Car Myths Debunked

There are a lot of things that you believe to be true when it comes to your car that are simply not true. You need to keep you car properly maintained in order to maintain your cars value. However, more likely than not, you have been told some whoopers. Today we are going to throw cold water at these myths and watch them melt.

When you were growing up and you had to wash your parents’ car you most likely grabbed the dish soap, a sponge, and filled a bucket with the water hose and went at it. The car probably sparkled like a diamond when you were done, and most likely you were very proud of the job you did for your parents. The reason the car looked so good was because the dish soap you used did a great job stripping away all the dirt as well as the polymers on the car’s paint. You unwittingly were speeding up the oxidation on the car.

The myth that you can use dish soap is not true, so if you value your car you will avoid it. You might also have heard that old tee-shirts are just fine to clean your car with. You might even have a bag of them set aside just for the purpose of cleaning your car. Sorry, this rag bag should be kept away from the car.

You probably want to know why. You may be wondering to yourself if there is any difference between a tee-shirt and a terrycloth microfiber towel. Well, you can only wear one outside and you clean your car with the other. Hopefully you got that one right.

As it happens, your old tee shirt may feel nice and soft but it will do a great job of scratching you car. On the other hand, the terrycloth microfiber towel will do a great job of cleaning your car without scratching it. So, you may be part of the camp that believes that if you keep you car waxed it is protected from everything, including Godzilla’s wrath. While waxing your car is very important to slow down oxidation and protect it from the elements it, like most things in life, it has its limits.

Well, you have proved something else, if you think that is an idea within the scope of reality. The fact is not only is this dangerous idea, it is a mythical joke. Do not attempt to do this for any reason whatsoever. You could end up seriously damaging your car and yourself.