How To Move Your Car

Moving a car from one place to another sounds like a difficult task, but careful planning and choosing the right car courier company is essential to a successful transport.Choosing a car transport ServiceAs far as car transportation is concerned, there are 3 main options as below:1) The car is driven to its destination on trade plates2) Transporting the car on a single car trailer3) The car is transported on a multi-car trailerHaving the car driven to its destination, by a driver on trade plates can be the cheapest option.. However, there are disadvantages. It is more likely to be damaged en route, as is actually being driven on the road (although a good car transporter will of course be insured). Secondly, it will increase the mileage of the car, which may be significant for longer trips.Probably the most personalised and expensive option is to have your car delivered in a single car trailer, since you are the only one who pays for the transportation cost. However, there are many car transporters who offer this type of service so you can find one very quickly.

This option is suitable for expensive and valuable cars, those which you want to arrive safe and sound with the least risk of being damaged.Muti-car trailer is a very commonly used way of transporting cars, since the cost is shared between customers and the cars are transported and not driven. There are many car transporters who operate this kind of service so it doesn’t take much time to find one. However, door to door delivery will be unlikely – with this method, the car transporter will generally deliver the car to a nearby hub, from where you can collect the car.Compare pricesCalling around for a few quotes before accepting one is a good practice. Family, friends and your local car dealers are good resources which can recommend you a car transport company. Feel free to have a look at Yellow Pages as well as online resources.InsuranceIt is absolutely important to make sure the car transport company you are using is fully insured.

You should check not only the type of damage catered for, but the financial level of damage covered.It’s worth checking if your current car insurance covers the car whilst in transport already, as some policies do. If not, you might be able to insure the car whilst being transported with a small fee. Your own insurer may be more reliable than the transport company, so this is worth considering if only for your own peace of mind.Whether it’s car transport, transport de voitureor transporte de coches – you will always have to make sure the insurance is correct.Car transporter trustworthinessIt is very important to make sure that the car transport company are reliable and can be trusted with your car. Whilst problems seem to be rare, they can occur – so it is important to prevent them at the earliest stage. Ask them for their previous customer reference or Google their company name.