What is New with Lexus Green Cars?

Over the last several years, especially the last decade, more consumers have found interest in hybrid vehicles. These Green Cars offer drivers many benefits that they simply cannot find with combustion-engine vehicles. One of these newer green cars that is becoming very popular with consumers is the Lexus CT-200h. When it comes to hybrid cars, there are several types on the market today. Regardless of the specific type, all hybrids have something in common and that is that they all have two sources of power. This includes the Lexus CT-200h. As a general note, the power combination that is found in these green cars is a combination of petrol or diesel engine along with an electric motor. Hybrids can be grouped into three different types: micro, mild and Full Hybrid. The Lexus CT-200h falls under the Full Hybrid class of vehicles. Many of those interested in green cars, and full hybrids in particular, become confused when certain myths pop up now and then.

One myth is that full hybrids have to be plugged into mains in order to recharge. It is true that there are some green cars that do require plugs, but the Lexus CT-200h is not one of them. This vehicle can automatically recharge its batteries as it goes through regenerative braking. It can also recharge as it generates electricity when cruising at higher speeds. There is also a myth going about that emissions are not really reduced by green cars. This is not true. The truth is when a full hybrid vehicle is running on its electric motor it produces nearly zero emissions. When the electric motor is working in combination with the combustion it still produces far less emissions that virtually any other type of vehicle. This brings up another issue that is often not fully understood when it comes to full hybrid green cars. That issue concerns how the power sources mesh together.

This confusion may arise because it is true that different types of green cars utilize their power sources in different ways. For Lexus full hybrids, the vehicles combine both petrol and electric. These vehicles can be operated under the electric engine alone, or they can be operated under the combustion engine alone, but are most often operated under a combination of both power sources. Because of the superior technology that is employed in the Lexus hybrids, drivers do not experience what has been called range anxiety which is common for those who drive electric vehicles. But while the Lexus CT-200h has all the power and range that drivers demand today, it also has an exterior and interior that drivers love. When drivers buy a new vehicle, regardless of its power source, they want a vehicle that is stylish and sleek. The entire line of Lexus hybrids offers exceptional styling as well as all of the options that drivers want. To learn more about the Lexus CT-200h or green cars in general, visit the site. Visitors can find in-depth information on hybrid vehicles and how green cars can help the environment, save owners money on petrol costs, and fill any style requirement..